Sunday, October 6, 2013

Em by Emily

Coming up with the idea for this project was easy, I've always wanted to have my own store selling the clothes that I make and design. The hard part, however, is going to be actually executing the plan. In order to have my store open to the general public I have to provide a range of sizes (technically I don't HAVE to, but I want to appeal to all kinds of buyers on etsy). The plan is to hopefully create two or three garments per standard size of small, medium, and large. For an eight piece collection, this means at least 48 garments. I guess we will see how that goes.
1. Create samples for every piece in the collection. These will be used to photograph and put on the website but never  actually sold
2. Photograph the clothing in an interesting way to captivate buyers
3. Make the clothes that will be for sale. Will MOST LIKELY make the store live once one sample is created for every size 
4. Set standard prices based on amount spent on materials for the largest size, with a profit margin large enough to continue buying materials

I have a feeling this is going to keep me extremely busy this year. 

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