Sunday, October 20, 2013

Second guessing and trouble moving forward

To the eleven people that have viewed my blog in the United States and the two in Germany, hello and guten Tag!
Being extremely indecisive has proved to be a major obstacle in the beginning stages of this project. I had my entire collection designed and ready to go until this past Friday when I came up with better basis for the collection that seems so much more on trend and just all together BETTER than my original.
I have so many ideas for this second collection that already I've sketched 25 different looks that I want to make and it's overwhelming and I think I'm going crazy and THIS PROJECT IS REALLY FUN. Anyway, this collection is very edgy and neutral with small pops of color in certain pieces and I'm really excited about it's potential. I feel like this dramatic change in direction is going to be very beneficial in the long term because I have more ideas now that I can use later.
In terms of fabrics for this collection, I'm thinking knits in neutral colors and black leather... Which SOUNDS very odd and a little too edgy but I love the idea of adding leather as trim or to a sleeve just to make an item very current or allow it to transfer from day to night. But as I have learned this week, leather is expensive. Like, really expensive. We're talking $14 a yard for FAKE leather. Definitely not something I can afford to buy in bulk. I'm going to try and find something a little bit cheaper yet still high quality. Worse comes to worst I'll incorporate the leather in a smaller, more affordable way. A huge part of my Etsy shop is to make cute clothes that are fashion forward and AFFORDABLE for the everyday girl. Using expensive fabrics would increase the price of garments, which would take away from that goal. Definitely not something I'm interested in doing.
At this point in the project, I feel a little bit stuck and unsure of where to start next and a little apprehensive to begin purchases. I'm going to try and sit down with my mom this week to work out where my initial funding is going to come from. I need to take time to outline my business in order to remain organized and efficient.

I have attached a very rough and tentative sketch of a dress I want to put in my collection (I'm trying to sketch on my iPad so it shows up better on here. Needless to say I'm still getting used to it). It probably won't be white, but the collar and pockets will be black leather, and the top will be black lace lined with a neutral color that goes with the dress. 

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  1. Emflem, your design is so cool! I'm so excited for your project!