Sunday, October 27, 2013

Timelines, fabrics and cutbacks

A very busy week this week, one that has proven to me that this project is going to require a set amount of time outside of school that is purely dedicated to the completion of this project. From now on, I am going to begin each blog post with my goal for the upcoming week to ensure at least a little bit of progress. 
By this time next week, I hope to have purchased all or most of the fabric that I will need for the beginning stages of this project. I have spent a great deal of time searching for fabrics, and have made little progress. I have been in a constant back and forth decision regarding whether to sacrifice quantity for quality or vice versa. As I touched on in my previous blog post, fabric is EXPENSIVE, almost to the point where the clothes would be ridiculously expensive because if it. I think I am going to go the route of buying cheaper, but still good quality fabrics, and not necessarily in bulk.
 At this point, I'm still pretty set on my original goal in terms of making cute, affordable, well-made and on trend garments for the everyday girl. However, the original goal of making two to three looks for every standard size is not going to be feasible. For an eight piece collection, that is looking at about anywhere from 48-72 garments. I think I will try my best to make one garment for each standard size per look, which is looking at around 24 garments, still a large amount, yet more doable in the long run. 
I am extremely excited about this project. It's so much work, but I'm looking forward to being able to express my design creativity this way. This is something I've always wanted to do and I'm extremely excited/nervous/anxious/intrigued to see how this will all turn out. 

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