Sunday, December 8, 2013

So the past few weeks I have been really struggling with inspiration and moving forward, but I think things are finally starting to turn around. I have begun pattern making for a few of the designs I have been working on. The process for making patterns for a garment are as follows:
First, you decide measurements. In this case, I'm using standard measurements for a women's medium. I also had to decide measurements for the sweep (circumference of the bottom hem) and shape and length of things like necklines, sleeves, and waistlines. I believe the hardest part of making a garment is the pattern making, because everything after that is simply putting the puzzle together. I have been testing some if the patterns on my dress form which is very close to the standard measurements.
Second, you measure out all of the measurements to make the garment the size and shape that you want it. You do this in halves: the front side and the back side, with additional patterns for things like sleeves and pockets. Usually, the difference between the front and back patterns is a matter of changing the height of the neckline and eliminating darts, so really once you have the pattern for the front, everything really begins to fall together. However, this is my first time making patterns without some type of guide. I am making patterns based on drawings that I made, which is testing my abilities greatly, but I am enjoying the challenge. I can really see myself growing as a clothing designer and manufacturer. I can't wait to see how/if the patterns work. 
I have also added a new design to my list of ones officially going in the collection (attached)!
I have been focusing mainly on dresses so far, and I have to make a decision soon as to whether or not that's all my collection will consist of. It's usually best to have diversity in the collection to show that you are strong with separates as well as single garments. I will see how it goes (it is my first collection, after all). 

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