Sunday, February 9, 2014


New York fashion week is this week!!! This means LOTS of inspiration has been coming my way. I found a lot of inspiration in a few of the pieces from Christian Siriano's collection. He's a designer that I've watched from his public beginning on project runway a few years ago. I've watched him grow as a designer and I am SO inspired and awed by the garments he comes up with. (This is a personal favorite of mine)
I've been thinking a lot about my own designs as I watch a lot of the NYFW shows, and think that I want to branch out a little bit structurally. Since I have zero formal training when it comes to sewing (everything I do when it comes to fashion is self-taught. Pattern making, sketching, production) and I've been thinking about signing up for some classes to improve those skills. I really want to get my clothes up on etsy ASAP, which is why mid-winter break is going to be crucial. I want to take some classes and learn to make pants. From what I've read, that's one of the most difficult garments to produce to fit well, and feel like I am up to the challenge and ready to branch out and get better as a designer. Thank you, NYFW, for restoring my inspiration and motivation for 20 time!! I can't wait to get to work. 
ALSO SOME EXCITING NEWS: a new high-quality fabric store is moving in about three blocks from my house! I'm so excited, hopefully that will be a good opportunity to find nice textiles for my collection. 

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