Monday, March 10, 2014


This weekend, I planned to spend all of Sunday on 20 Time, as my mom would be home for two days and could therefore take me to get fabric. To accommodate this, I set out to rewrite (my first draft was horrible) my entire essay beginning Friday night right after school. I continued to work though late Saturday night, and finally finished my essay right on schedule. HOWEVER. My trusty PC failed me and deleted my entire essay, which claimed my 20 Time time for the weekend. I'm very upset about this, as my mom is going out of town again and I won't be able to purchase fabric or make progress for a little while longer. I'm getting a little anxious, and I want to move forward with my project. 


  1. hi, I have a child that loves make dolls clothes and sometimes I don't have fabric so we use news paper!!!! try it's so good for practice You can have any mistake and it's no problem!!! actually a lot of people at first use a kind of paper and then when all is right they use that paper to make a patron and don't waste fabric. don't get sad....any way ... always you can do like movies...use the courtains!!! jaja

    saludos desde Mexico

  2. i think what you are doing is pretty cool i love the one dress that looks like mummy rapping. keep up the good work.